About MIM
A professional small size and complex-shaped parts supplier
  • Industry Profile

        The technology of injection molding was invented more than half a century ago. However, the application of this technology to injection molding metals started as recent as early 80s. In fact the successful commercial manufacturing employing metal injection molding technology only began some ten years ago...
  • Technological Process

  • MIM Materials

     After sintered, MIM parts can be treated by machining、heat-treating、plating、E-coating etc. according to client’s requirements.Materials and Application Industry...

  • Technical Advantages

  • MIM Design Guideline

    Just like injection molding, MIM can design 3D shape freely. As a molding process, additional shape will not bring extra costs. If you want to save weight through shape design, then the cost will reduce too. So MIM is a ideal way of assembling one or more part into multi-function components. The design rule of MIM is very similar with injection molding, and thus easily adapt to 3D complex-shape metal parts. ...
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